The Hershey Trolley

Trolley lines were a key part of Milton Hershey's plan to build his chocolate factory and town in the Derry Church cornfields. The trolleys would bring workers and milk to the plant from the surrounding region.

Since the trolley lines were key to supporting the factory, a profit wasn't necessary. Fares could be kept low. The trolleys also supported the public schools, bringing students in from Palmdale and other outlying areas.

By all accounts, M.S. Hershey enjoyed the trolley lines and rode frequently. He told people that one day he wanted to build a full-scale railroad.

The cars were designed to operate in either direction, thus saving the need to turn around. At the end of the line, the operator would flip the seat backs (so the passengers would always be facing forward) and switch to the controls in the trolley's other end.

Key dates in Hershey Trolley history

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October 15, 1904
Trolley has its first run between Hummelstown and Palmyra. Regular service begins on October 28, 1904.

October 26, 1910
Hershey Cafe, located in the original Trolley Car Barn, opens. Primary clientele consists of Chocolate Company employees.

August 23, 1911
Lebanon-Campbelltown Street Railway Company Incorporates. Trolley cars start rolling February 9, 1913.

Trolley system is merged into the Hershey Transit Company.

June 23, 1940
Trolley service ends between Hershey and Elizabethtown.

December 21, 1946
Hershey Trolley makes its last run.

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