Hershey Chocolate Bar Postcards

Milton Hershey didn't believe in advertising in the mass media (which only included newspapers and magazines in his early days).

He found ihs own direct channel to consumers by including postcards in his chocolate bars promoting his town, his factory and his ingredients.

It was an effective strategy. The cards drew visitors to Hershey, where they could swim, visit the zoo and picnic in the park. and, of course, tour the factory. These cards were produced in the early 1900s.

This seems to be the most valuable and rarest of the bunch. Maybe baseball collectors are acquiring this card, too.

This is another of the more valuable cards.

This was the first card I acquired. The clear picture of people having fun makes it the most charming of the cards..

This is one of the nicer "slice-of-life" cards.

The factory was always a favorite subject.

While Milton Hershey's accomplishments were many, he drew particular pride repurchasing the farm on which he was born.

It's hard to believe this card drew any tourists to Hershey. Could it have been designed to help recruit workers?

I think the Great Bear loops through this area now.

Lush grass makes cows happy...

Happy cows make good milk...

Good milk makes good chocolate...

The back of the cards look like this, although some are printed in red or blue ink.

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