Editor's note:The following is culled from the exhaustive book "The Bordner and Burtner Families and their Bortner Ancestors in America," by the late Howard W. Bortner, who writes:

This work is dedicated, as a memorial, to the entire family, living and dead and yet to be born, including wives and husbands from other families.

Howard W. Bordner
Washington, D. C.
September 1, 1967

Oscar Elias Bordner (1892-1957)

His ancestors and descendants

Os was born in Lebanon Pa. a son Of Jonathan P. and Emma (Merkey) Bordner.

Sarah, left, and Joan - daughters of Os and Hilda

He married Hilda E. Ettele and had two daughers Sarah (Heilman - Tapman) in 1920 and Joan Elizabeth (Wanfried) in 1922.

He and Hilda had four grandchildren - Sarah's children: Bruce Heilman and Eric Tapman - and Joan's children: Kurt Warren Wanfried (1952) and Barbara Bordner (Wanfried) Brown (1955).

Os's dad, Jonthan Peiffer Bordner (1861-1930), was a cigar maker in Lebanon and Hummelstown Pa. His mom was Emma Merkey (1863-1953).

Os was third-born of seven children. The children were born in this order: Cora (Bartel), Robert, Os, Mary A. (Walters - Forney), John David, Allen W., and Alice Leah (Zimmerman - Naugle).

Jonathan was the son of John Bordner (1838 - 1906) and Diana (Peiffer) Bordner (c1839 - 1916). John was a laborer in Bethel Township, Berks County Pa. and Bethel Township, Berks County, Pa.

John and Diana had 10 children: Addison, Emma E. (Shell), Jonathan Peiffer, Percida (Bohn), Ida S. (Zeigler), Catherine J. (Umholtz), Amanda (Thompson), Jacob H., Milton S. and Harvey.

John was the son of John Bordner (1807 - 1890) and Susanna (Wenger) Bordner (1811 - 1876). John was a farmer and constable in Bethel Township, Berks County, Pa.

John and Susanna had four children: Elizabeth (Gassert), John, Susanna and Jacob.

John was the son of Jacob Bordner (1785 - 1823) and Elizabeth (Kern) Bordner (1805 - ?). Born in Berks County, Jacob was a farmer in Turbot Township Northumberland Couty, Pa. His family returned to Bethel Township after his death.

Jacob and Elizabeth had six children: Maria (Moll), John, Henry, Elizabeth (Shaffer), Catherine (Bechtel), Susana (Smith), and Lydia (Moyer).

Jacob was the son of Daniel Bordner (c1765 - 1844) and Eva (Knaeves ?) (? -?) They lived in Berks County.

There were four children: Jacob, Godfrey, Catharine (Bender), Daniel and perhaps others who died young.

Daniel was the son of Jacob Bortner (c1720 - 1792) and Sarah Balt (c1730 - c1800)

Jacob Bortner was born in the independent German States in the Rhine River Valley, probably the Palatinate. He came to the Pennsylvania Colony with his parents in 1732.

He farmed land in the Tulpehocken Settlement, which at the time was Lancaster County, but became part of Berks in 1752.

Jacob served in the Colonial military service against Canada during King George's War.

He acquired a Bethel Township, Berks County farm in 1761 from the proprietors, Richard and Thomas Penn.

He was the first to change the family name to Bordner

Jacob and Sarah Bordner had seven children: (John) Jacob, Anna Maria, (Schneider), William, John, Barbara, Peter and Daniel.

Jacob Bordner was the son of Bathaser Bortner (c1720 - 1792) and Elisabetha Bortner (? - ?), who arrived in America in 1732.

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